Investor Services Asia Turning Partnerships Into Creative Energy


Humanitarian Assistance

ISA has been engaging in activities related to humanitarian relief around Sri Lanka since 2010. Major focus of these humanitarian projects have been assisting less privileged school children and encouraging women breadwinners to be financially independent with the projects of home gardens and garland making. Primarily, ISA's humanitarian assistance stands for creating an enabling environment for communities with precarious living conditions.

Environment Preservation

Investor Services Asia in collaboration with the Rainforest Rescue International (RRI) has initiated a "Plant a Tree Program" in a bid to restore Sri Lanka's natural forest resources. This was launched in 2009 by planting more than 200 trees in Baddegama, an idyllic area located in Galle in Sri Lanka. The purpose of this program is to encourage afforestation which is globally addressed in the context of climate change and other environmental issues. A solid launching pad for this program has been put by joining hands with rainforest Rescue International (RRI) who is a pioneer in restoring, sustaining and preserving forests. Travel Development Lanka (TDL) has immensely contributed as the major sponsor for this program whereas companies and forums such as Vinci, What's Next and Thion- Arvix are also in partnership.

Sanctuary Farms

You will see a model of a traditional Sri Lankan village home garden, with all the crops being grown organically. We demonstrate both medicinal and culinary herbs as well as tropical fruits and beauty products. The vegetables and fruits that are consumed here have been produced under strict organic production standards.Sanctuary farms also provide forest oils with high quality which are used to prepare gourmet dishes and bases for skin protective and nourishing oils. Maduca and Urucuml is a combination of oils from Sri Lanka and Brazil, all grown here to provide a very high quality tanning and skin protection oil.The environment around the farm has been developed to be biodiversity friendly and to protect the native wildlife that is rapidly losing space. The 'river walk' provides an experience of a maturing ecosystem.The tea and coffee that you will be served comes from organic estates and smallholdings to give you the cleanest brews and best flavours.