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Solace for women headed households.

The news of setting up a National welfare centre in Kilinochchi, in the north of the country, to uplift  families headed by women or the victims of the nearly three decades-long civil war in the country, could not have arrived at a better time. The decision was taken by the Prime Minister’s office following a request made by the northern people to set up the centre in Kilinochchi where most women had lost their husbands due to the conflict.

Setting up of a National Welfare Centre could enhance the lives of beneficiaries of the programmes that have been implemented by Investor Services Asia (ISA) and funded by Almayuda Foundation, which focuses on women headed households. The first phase focussed on enhancing their nutritional status by improving their home gardens. During this intervention, the donors and the implementers both discovered that although there is assistance given for home gardening, the lack of water during the dry period was a major obstacle for their economic well being. This paved the way for the second phase of digging and fully renovating 50 wells for the beneficiaries. 

The creation of a welfare centre by the State, would further facilitate the objectives of the third phase of this ISA implemented programme; which was to strengthen the marketing opportunities of the collective farm products by means of product diversification and value addition, thus increasing the income level and reducing vulnerability of crop failure and to strengthen the community through increased social cohesion. 

Investor Services Asia and Almayuda have also donated diving equipments and life saving jackets to fishing communities and distributed school items to over 20 schools in various parts of the island.